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Flehan Construction Services is a leading construction company based in South Australia and is responsible for many high profile buildings in the Adelaide CBD. 


The portfolio of Flehan Construction Services extends further in to clubs, bars and properties through South Australia.


They pride themselves on their ability to continuously improve and deliver the very best construction, workmanship and support no matter budget or location.


Their team of professionals will guide and offer strategic advice and long term solutions to every unique situation from design, blueprints and Construction Project Management to final delivery - they have the technical know how needed to make your idea become a reality.


Their success is measured on the success of their clients. They take pride in their work and work towards your requirements, no matter the complexity, you will always come first.

Their Services

Architectural design, structural design, plumbing, electrical, gas, carpentry, project management, demolition, painting, decorating, interior design, external design, commercial fit outs, steel fabrication, roofing, landscaping, signage and more. Contact us for more information about your project.


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